Paints: I use Daniel Smith watercolors, with a few exceptions. There are alot of great, professional grade paints;
Windsor Newton, Holbein, Sennelier to name a few. Just keep in mind that some of the colors are slightly different
with different manufacturers, even though they have the same names.

Must have colors:
Ultramarine Blue
Permanent Alizarin Crimson
Burnt Sienna
Raw Sienna
Sap Green
Hookers Green
Quinacridone Gold
Indigo (Super Dark, Transparent Blue)
Yellow, I like Lemon yellow or Hansa Yellow Medium
Cobalt Blue Teal

Other colors I like:
Quinacridone Orange
Quinacridone Pink (great for flowers)
Quinacridone Burnt Orange
Cobalt Blue
Indanthrene Blue (Semi-transparent, a great one for dark coverage)
Neutral Tint (This is made by Holbein)
Rose Madder Genuine (I use this mainly for portraits; mix with Raw Sienna and a tiny bit of French U. Blue)

Stapler - “Power Shot” Model # 5700M (This is one that is easy on the hands!) *Use T50 Staples
Foam Core, at least 1/2” thick

Get the best brushes you can afford, I love sable, Kolinsky makes great brushes.
You will need #2, and # 10 or 12 round to get started. Also a Hake brush (for stretching your paper) and a 1” flat
for lifting and a 2” flat for backgrounds...these don’t need to be expensive.

Paper: Arches Bright White Cold Press. I usually use 140#, you will need to stretch this. If you don’t want to
stretch, use 300#, but it is much more expensive. Other things you will need:
Masking Fluid and some cheap throwaway brushes. Always use brush cleaner on your brush before using
the masking fluid.
Spray Bottle
Sponge: I use a cheap one to “soak up” water

If you go to the Daniel Smith stores, You can get my 10% discount

Source List: is a great website for inexpensive-more expensive burshes has the best prices for Arches paper...get on their “list” and watch for sales. Also a great place to buy Daniel Smith Paints. Alway check prices at several places. AND check coupons on Google before purchasing. for sales!